SANDRA LEE's 1st Solo in Malaysia
"Where the Heart Is"

1-31 August 2015
ChinaHouse Gallery,
Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
10am to 10pm
CausewayEXchange is proud to announce the first Solo Exhibition in Malaysia by Malaysian born Singaporean artist Sandra Lee from 1 - 30 August. Sandra Lee's work has universal appeal. Lee's work is largely influenced by fairy tales and characters born out of a vivid imagination emotionally anchoring her to her childhood, when her father, who used to be an English teacher, would read her tales and rhymes. "I looked at all these roly-poly ang moh (Caucasian) children with Mother Goose, and decided I would make them more relevant," she says as she stands surrounded by her work. Panda bears peer down at a girl asleep on a sofa with oriental prints, a spoon runs away with a Chinese bowl, the old lady lives in a lotus shoe. The mixed references reflect Lee's life. For those who like to get up close and personal with art, Lee's works are more than satisfying. The detailed drawings, the sparing use of colour in her recent works and the characters that are sharply animated on canvas draw you into the artist's life. It's open to interpretation since fairy tales are the stuff of almost everyone's life. The original tales were often masked messages aimed at political and social imbalances that could not be directly addressed for fear of reprisals. Via her oblique imagery, Sandra's works address issues of housing a growing population and the role of women in society, relationships and other personal issues that she feels helps resonate with the viewer.

This exhibition is made possible with the support of Jada Art Gallery and Galeri Sogan.

"I believe in magic. My work reflects my interest in things that may or may not be, mysteries that are not solved for us. I express my thoughts and emotions by remaking the ideas and images of fairy tales and nursery rhymes that were part of my childhood. I am also inspired by popular culture. - Sandra Lee"

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Sandra Lee (b. 1968) graduated from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts with a diploma in Visual Arts in 1998. She was awarded an Honourable Mention in Philip Morris Singapore-ASEAN in 2003 and a National Arts Council of Singapore Bursary in 1996. In 1995 she had her first group exhibition, The Garden Wall Mural Project. Since then she has had more than 20 group exhibitions in Singapore, China and France. In 2004 she had her first solo exhibition, "Did You Ever See Such a Thing In Your Life", in Jendela, Esplanade. Since then she has had three other solo exhibitions; "The Plight of the Ever After" (2007), "Forever and a Day", (2012) and It Was Just Right (2014). Lee has an ongoing installation in Lille Biennale, Lille, France entitled "Enchanted Garden City" and is currently working on The Enchanted Tree House, installation, for the National Gallery Singapore's opening in November 2015.

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