Wild & Free
Wildlife Photography Exhibition
A tribute to Silvana Sutanto

14 September 2017– 28 February 2018
OCBC orchardgateway Premiere Centre (277 Orchard Road)

A collaboration with Silvana S. Foundation, Wild & Free features photographs of wild animals in their natural habitat as seen through the lens of free-spirited photographer, Silvana Sutanto. A reflection of her soul, this exhibition pays homage to the raw beauty of nature and her earnest fascination with the magnificence of creatures that walk this Earth. The Silvana S. Foundation is set up in memory of her to commemorate her artistic vision and dedication to philanthropy.

You are cordially invited to join us in celebrating her spirit of adventure at the Wild & Free exhibition, and proceeds from sales of the photos will go to Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter and the Singapore Children’s Society.

Wild & Free is presented by OCBC Bank and organised by Silvana S. Foundation and Jada Art Gallery.

About Silvana

Indonesia-born Silvana Sutanto (1957 – 2016) spent most of her married life raising her family in Singapore. At first, photography was simply a hobby for the former English major. As she discovered her voice through the medium and joy in conveying stories through images, she set on a dedicated path to deepen her practice.

In 2006, Silvana joined the Photographic Society of Singapore to immerse herself within a community of peers. Demonstrating a steely determination to gain technical proficiency, she further undertook an apprenticeship under a Pictorial Art Master in Hong Kong that spanned several years.

Accompanying this craft meister to many places around the world opened her eyes to artistic possibilities, while her own expeditions to remote regions such as Kenya, Papua and Alaska allowed her to engage with the natural world, whose causes she strongly advocated.

As a person, Silvana was not one to be confined by rules and this quality was reflected in her photography as well. She had a strong artistic vision and many a times ventured far out, away from the carved path to find the perfect photographic spot. Silvana was a pioneer in her vision in photography, stepping out bravely onto new grounds where no one else had thought of exploring. To capture the perfect shot, she would forge through rough terrain over days and weeks, waiting for hours under harsh conditions. Her patience and resolve paid off despite her late start. Silvana’s keen eye was recognised with numerous invitations to exhibit her works and prestigious awards.

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