Ren Zi Solo Exhibition - Naming Our Bright & Dark Stars

Camellia, Waterfront Plaza
390A Havelock Road, #01-06.
Singapore 169662
14-28 October 2015 (7pm-9pm)
Galerie Sogan & Art and Jada Art Gallery are pleased to present a new media visual art exhibition, Naming Our Bright & Dark Stars, by a multi-talented Singapore artist Ren Zi, from 14 Oct to 28 Oct, 2015.

In Naming Our Bright & Dark Stars, Ren presents a series of artworks that highlights his fascination with illumination would progress beyond observable light sources to encompass a metaphysical lightness of being when he encountered the Buddhist concept of enlightenment. The Buddhist/Taoist philosophy of living in harmony with all existence became a beacon in Ren's inner cosmos, a guiding light that filled a void engendered by the apparent meaninglessness and senselessness of mere physical subsistence.

The works in Ren's exhibition are based on his life experiences as he spins a mythical world where the boundaries of the physical and spiritual, the self and the collective break down, and divinities both terrible and fair walk the earth. His experiences liken them to a mythical journey that traces his own footsteps even as he muses of an alternate universe in which mankind traverses vistas of light and darkness.

Ren's new media works are presented with contemporised graphic treatment where clean lines and exacting composition studies dominate. Ren's aesthetics is informed by his background in advertising and design, as well as his love for graphic novels and comics. The choice of working with acrylic panels - we live in an age of plastics - also brings a physical immediacy and relevance to themes that may otherwise seem arcane and esoteric to the modern-day viewer. Through Naming Our Bright & Dark Stars, Ren presents a transcendent framework as an alternative to prevailing societal structures which have stagnated and are stymied by the preoccupation with amassing and consuming material minutiae.

Naming Our Bright & Dark Stars is open to the public from 14 Oct to 28 Oct 2018. A collection of paintings and objects will be showcased at Camellia, Waterfront Plaza (adjacent to The Grand Copthorne WaterFront Hotel) 390A Havelock Road, #01-06. Singapore 169662.

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