"HOME" : Tang Juey Lee's 28th Solo Exhibition

19 september 2015
Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour
4pm - 8pm
CausewayEXchange & JADA Art in
Conjunction with the JB ARTS FESTIVAL,
Born in 1954 in Johor Bahru, Malaysian artist Tang Juey Lee left his hometown in 1974 to pursue his further education at the prestigious Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (NAFA) in Singapore for three years. Under the esteemed tutelage of pioneer artist Mr. See Hiang To, Tang learnt about Western as well as Eastern art. With Mr See as his mentor, Tang studied a component of Chinese painting during his diploma course. This technique of fine brushwork has carried over into Tang's artistic oeuvre and is visible when appreciating the delicate nature of his watercolour paintings. Upon graduation, Tang participated in his first exhibition 6 months later and was a highly prolific painter, regularly exhibiting in solo and group shows all over the world. Tang returned to Johor Bahru in 1991 when he founded and became Principal of Raphael Academy of Art, Malaysia and where he taught painting until 1998.

Tang's paintings are simply a joy to look at. Primarily his decorative works are of orchids in abundance - one of South East Asia's signature flowers - and he captures their immaculate beauty in a faithful manner. Their translucent and opaque colouring, variable shapes, graceful patterns, and feather-light texture are all exquisitely re-created by Tang, and instantly beguile the admirer late thinking that one has finally discovered the essence of nature in all its glorious bloom.

Tang's work is held in the private collections of many corporations, banks and institutions, including the Royal Collection of Saudi Arabia, the National Museum of Singapore and Changi Airport.

Until Tang's return to the public eye with Jada Art in 2013, the artist hadn't exhibited at all since 2001 when he held a retrospective in Malaysia. CausewayEXChange is proud to showcase Tang Juey Lee for the second year running as his works truly transcends borders.

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