Alex Leong’s First SOLO Exhibition in Singapore “Magic Moments”
by Jada Art Gallery, Singapore

19 April 2018 to 29 April 2018
ION Art Gallery, Level 4, ION Orchard, Singapore

Malaysian artist Alex Leong will be displaying forty watercolour renderings of “Magic Moments” of Singapore at ION Orchard. His depictions of familiar scenes around the Lion City will enthuse viewers, whose local knowledge of memorable places and neighbourhoods will instantly be triggered, leaving a smile – something which Leong's paintings are apt to do.

Elegantly detailed and characterised by precise brushwork, his works are charming and vibrant. Like the award-winning artists Tan Choon Ghee and Ong Kim Seng who are his greatest influences, Leong prefers to paint en plein air to achieve accuracy of light and colour.

He depicts honest, everyday dealings of community interaction. There are buses and taxis, cyclists and tourists, pedestrians crossing the road and diners enjoying their meal. Children abound in his works – laughing and playing, running into the arms of happy parents. Locations like Arab Street, Tanjong Pagar, Keong Siak Street, the Botanical Gardens and Everton Road are some of the many scenes he has exquisitely captured. Leong has often said that he is inspired by “everyday events”, mundane as they may seem to the average viewer. He insists it is important to seize these moments in time as records of history. In the age of rapid technological advances, it is all the more crucial to appreciate and retain heritage buildings and structures of historic value, particularly in a fast-paced city like Singapore where the environment can change in the blink of an eye.

Penang-based Leong has dedicated himself to his art for over 20 years, building a portfolio that catalogued rapturous, vivid scenes of local life. Leong’s talent had been recognised early, in 1992 when he was awarded the prize for the Penang State Pesta Art for young talent in a major category. In 2003, he won the Han Chiang Association Watercolour Competition before he triumphed in the 1st Putrajaya National Watercolour Competition in 2006. Leong has participated in a litany of group exhibitions, with his first solo show in 2012 in Kuala Lumpur. He was also inducted into the Penang Watercolour Society and Malaysian Watercolour Society that same year. However, the turning point in his career came in 2015 when he enjoyed wider acclaim at The Edge Auction and a successful solo exhibition “Heritage Buildings in Exquisite Watercolours” that followed.

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