TAY Joo Mee ( b.1952, Singapore )

Tay Joo Mee's artistic training has been broad and varied. Born and raised in Singapore, her first foray into the art arena was when she took Chinese ink painting classes in 1982. Tay then moved to New York City for 3 and a half years where she attended the Art Students' League and was introduced to drawing classes, still-life, portraiture and figurative painting with David Leffel, who taught in the manner of the Old Masters such as Rembrandt and Chardin. Tay moved to San Francisco in 1986, enrolled in the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto in 1989 and also studied art at San Mateo College. Being exposed to the Californian landscape encouraged her to paint en plein air, bringing another completely different dimension to her painting technique, as the bright light and fresh air made a great impact to Tay's interpretation of light and colour on the canvas.
Upon Tay's return to Singapore 6 years later, the artist continues to explore and develop her individual style where the concept of light and shadow, and the California landscape combined with Peranakan colours prove to be of immense influence to her landscape paintings, as she is motivated to share and enjoy the beauty of nature with the viewer.

•  International Women Art Exhibition, Singapore

•  Nokia Singapore Art Exhibition, Singapore

Sept - Dec 1990
•  College of San Mateo, California, USA

Jan - Nov 1989
•  Pacific Art League of Palo Alto, USA

Nov 1982 - Jun 1986
•  The Art Students League of New York, USA

Jan - Apr 1983
•  National Acadamy School of Fine Arts New York, USA

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