Ruth CHUA ( b.1966, Singapore )

An accountant by training, Ruth started painting as a hobby since 2007. Studied under renowned Singaporean painters Ng Woon Lam and Seah Kam Chuan. As a new artist, Ruth is currently exploring the various mediums of oil, acrylic, watercolor and chinese ink and discovering unlimited ways of self-expression. A lover of both representational and abstract works, the traditional and the modern, Ruth intends to work on her creations with total freedom, at once both eager and dreading the outcomes of her experiments. Her current offer is a series of acrylics that is birthed from her latest interest and challenge in harmonising colors.
Works & Exhibitions

•  Participated in Singapore's Affordable Art Fair Exhibition

•  Participated in Singapore Art Society's 60th Anniversary Exhibition.
•  Participated in Dr Tan Tse Chor Annual Art Competition

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