Ron WONG ( b.1983, Macau )

With three major solo exhibitions in three cities under her belt (Shanghai, Yangzhou and Singapore) this young contemporary artist brings a huge dose of humour to the canvas with her unique style of figurative paintings. Although comedic at first sight, her representation of life is in fact an honest and non-judgmental perspective of human interaction. Gifted with a keen sense of observation and schooled in the painterly tradition, Ron creates her soulful paintings that reflect the humanity in all of us. Originally hailing from Singapore, Ron was born in Macau in 1983. She raised in Singapore where she graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2003 with a Diploma in Digital Media and Design.
She was artistically trained in Shanghai, where she attended Shanghai University, College of Fine Arts and completed her Masters degree in Oil Painting in 2008. Aside from Ron's figurative paintings her landscape canvases reveal a completely different style of painting. They portray her time spent in China where her beautiful renderings of Chinese scenery and distant horizons showcase her capacity to produce paintings of a diverse range.

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•  Ron Wong 3rd Solo Exhibition - Ernst & Young ASEAN Art Outreach Program, Singapore.

•  "Ron Wong Solo Exhibition - Mental Imagery" at Yangzhou Art Museum.

•  Beijing POLY Auction, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art, December 4th 2011.
•  Shanghai BOGUZHAI Spring Auction, Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, June 25th 2011.

•  Participated in 'Chirography' Shanghai Sketch Painting Exhibition at Shanghai HongQiao
•  Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai China.

•  First Solo Exhibition at Shanghai M50 M-Artcenter Gallery
•  Participated in The 1st Chinese Shen Zhou Feng Yun Painting and Calligraphy Annual Exhibition
•  Painting '29 in 2 seconds' was exhibited at Beijing World Art Museum, Beijing China

•  Participated in The 22nd World Hakka Conference Shanxi Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, in Shanxi China.
•  Paintings 'Us' and 'Friday' were selected for the 2008 Shanghai College Art of Excellence Exhibition and were exhibited at Shanghai University, College of Fine Arts, Shanghai China.
•  Painting 'Old Factory' was selected for The 1st MingDaiTao Creative Competition in Shanghai China.

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