KOH Tien Gui ( b.1968, Singapore )

Koh Tien Gui was born in Singapore in 1968. A lawyer by profession, it was only when he worked with the United Nations and lived in Geneva that his interest in art took hold and blossomed. Crayons or pastels are his specialty. His subject matter is his native Singapore and childhood memories of a time gone by. The colourful beauty of Tien Gui's art captures the essence of a simpler time and lifestyle. He has been exhibiting his works since 2001, with solo exhibitions in Geneva, Switzerland, Italy and Singapore. In 2009, Tien Gui exhibited at the Biennale di Chianciano.Tien Gui's work is warm, nostalgic, colourful, romantic and even mysterious in imagery. His paintings are filled with symbolism that captures the feel of a bygone era.
The visual images invite poetic interpretation. The images make a conscious effort to give the viewer hope, which Tien Gui suggests through the use of brilliant colours and luminescent qualities. Beyond this, in all of Tien Gui's work, there is a fundamental reconciliation of the mystery and the poetry for a world that exists only in memories.

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•  Buffel Art Project, ION Singapore

•  Affordable Art Fair, Jada Art Gallery, Singapore
•  "For the Love Of..."Exhibition, Jada Art Gallery, ION Singapore

•  Charcoals, Crayon + [water] Colours, Jada Art Gallery, ION Singapore

•  Affordable Art Fair - Jada Art Gallery, Singapore

•  Gagliardi Gallery, London, United Kingdom

•  Biennale Chianciano, Chianciano Terme, Italy

2003 - 2011
•  Various galleries, Singapore

•  Various galleries Geneva, Switzerland

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